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    Okay who was brave enough to put a tiny hat on a golden cobra because woah


    The fact that somebody put a hat on a cobra kills me

    i especially like the cobra one

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  • ϟ Harry Potter themed asks ϟ

    • Alohomora: What holds the key to your heart?
    • Levicorpus: What lifts your spirits?
    • Petrificus Totalus: What's your biggest fear?
    • Imperio: Are you a controlling person?
    • Obliviate: What do you want to make someone else our yourself forget?
    • Protego: Who is your protector or who do you protect?
    • Confringo: Tell us one thing in your house you would like to destroy?
    • Wingardium Leviosa: What was hard for you to learn, but you are able to do at this point?
    • Lumos: Tell us a good memory?
    • Nox: Tell us a bad memory?
    • Riddikulus: What is your biggest fail?
    • Incendio: What would you take with you if your house were on fire?
    • Sectumsempra: Did someone ever hurt you physically?
    • Reparo: Is there anything that broke or got lost in you live and you want to have back and repare?
    • Crucio: What thought tortures you the most?
    • Avada Kedavra: What thing would you kill for to have?
    • Expecto Patronum: What would be your patronus?
    • Expelliarmus: Did someone ever totally disarm you so you didn't know what to day anymore?
    • someone online: *calls me cute*
    • me: *surprised*
    • me: *wiggles awkwardly*
    • me: *pulls hoodie drawstrings*
    • me: *scrunches into down comforter*
    • me: *blushes for ten minutes*
    • me: *peeks out*
    • me: no u
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    Feeling like some free readings tonight. So if you’d like one, just drop an ask specifying if you want a lenormand, oracle, or tarot reading, your question and if you want it answered privately or public. I’ll do five readings tonight :) So let me know guys!


    I’ll only be able to do a few today because it takes a long time and a lot of energy out of me :)

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    :33 < i did both beclaws whatefur idk



    what if you say it “tum-bluh”




    one of the first posts i ever reblogged

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  • Ballet dancers waiting for their audition times. 

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    autism does not need to be cured, autistic people do not need to be fixed, society needs to be changed, I will always stand by this

    It’s a disability that can lead to severe anti-sociality, flawed relationships, difficulty communicating and creating relationships, social impairments, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior. While some on the lower end of the spectrum can be highly functional, those on the high end can be highly affected and affect others. If it can be cured, just like any other disability (called so because it disables you) then it should be. But while there is no cure, autistic people should not be treated as less than or treated as “freaks”. Quit the bullshit though.

    I am on the autism spectrum, but it’s really hard to tell I have it unless I tell someone, because I’m considered really high-functioning.

    However, I will show the symptoms you listed at times. You know why autistic people have difficulty being social, throw fits, etc.? Because we get overwhelmed, and when we get overwhelmed, we sort of “shut down”, and that’s when the negative things happen. We don’t need to be cured; people just don’t know how to deal with us because autism is not understood at all by pretty much anyone. It’s hard when organizations like Autism Speaks call us freaks of nature and tell us that we’re a disability to our families—that’s not trying to understand us, that’s trying to demonize us. 

    Mental illnesses greatly impair the person who has them. But with us, it’s not an impairment unless we’re misunderstood and get overwhelmed. We’re not a disability, we’re people who function differently than “normal” people. Some people work on AM (non-autistic people) and others work on FM (autistic people).

    But just because we function and perceive things differently, we’re still human beings. We can still do amazing things and do really well in life. A lot of autistic people (including me) don’t want to get rid of our autism. It’s kinda’ like gender and sexuality: we feel it’s a part of what makes us who we are. There’s nothing wrong with us, and we don’t need to be cured.

    with us, it’s not an impairment unless we’re misunderstood and get overwhelmed.


    Really, for me, tracking my inner states and learning the tools to be self aware and communicate my needs and limits so that they are understood by others have worked wonders as far as not getting overwhelmed. It’s been absolutely necessary for my survival to develop that ability. Do I think I need to be cured of having those different needs, though? Not really. 

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    My respect level for T-Pain is out the roof right now.


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    Mat Fraser is a gift (x)

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    Whites riot over pumpkins in NH and Twitter turns it into epic lesson about Ferguson, aka The Best of #PumpkinFest, PT 1. #staywoke

    in this week’s episode of shit black folks would get murdered or jailed with no trial for

    How is this even allowed. How are they allowed a pass. Smdh.

    fucking really??


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