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I Am Having A Mental Breakdown!

Not only is my Professor the most unprofessionally disorganised person that I have ever come across (and believe me I’ve met my fair share), but she has no clue as to what the hell she is doing as far as teaching goes! Okay, I am a very self-sufficient person; I can usually teach myself subjects when I find that the Professor has no clue as to how to teach others.Therefore this isn’t a question of me being a whiny college student; who wants her Professor to hold her had every step of the way, and not getting that type of treatment. I have no issues concerning learning things on my own time.

However, I have paid a substantial amount of money for this course & to add on top of it all, I have OCD. So, when the whole class is running around discombobulated like a roost of chickens with their heads cut off; it probably goes without saying that my stress levels at the moment are through the roof! I have, as of today, one month & a week and the rest of this week left of classes. Then, off to placement I go! For the time being though, my life and the life of my fellow classmates is literally hell! Gahhh! How do incompetent people get these well paying jobs, and those who can do the work properly-such as my Mom- are stuck wondering how to pay their bills?

I am just sick and tired of this bullshit. I mean my eye is twitching…physically twitching guise! Sorry for going off on you fellow Tumblrs, I’m just a bit stressed out & needed to blow off some steam. I’m good now, I have my pumpkin spice latte & I’ve let out most of the anger…somewhat. Now off to smash my head repeatedly into a brick wall…

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